A new experiment

So I have finally, after many years of thinking about it, decided to start my own presence on the big wide WWW.

Many may know me from my posts on LabVIEW related fora. It all started out back in the early 90ies of last century on a mailing list called Info-LabVIEW, while working as an Application Engineer in the technical support of the Swiss branch of National Instruments, the inventors and makers of LabVIEW. By current standards, such a mailing list was pretty arcane. One would send in a mail to an email server which gets distributed to everybody who had signed up and then people could answer to that same email server with their thoughts, questions, ideas and suggestions to the problem. But it worked amazingly well and the nature of this exchange made it clear that one should not expect instant replies. Compare this to modern fora, where people sometimes start to poll after one hour already, why they haven’t received an exhaustive answer to their not very clearly described problem.

But enough of musings from an aging guy who may sound like everything was much better back in the old days :-). It sure had its charms but progress is unavoidable even if it sometimes doesn’t feel like an improvement.

I plan to revive a few posts I did in the past about some of my pet topics, which many may know to include interfacing of external code components to LabVIEW. Most of these were placed at some point in one form or the other on a blog or presented during a user group meeting but have since been dropping from the net. Some of theĀ initial ones may be already older and to some extend have more of a historical value, but I feel they still may serve as an introduction to the later articles, which do still have actual value today.

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